For firms


ELEFANT ORIENTAL MASSAGE and SPA works with clients by offering a Business appropriately selected program on preferential terms. The scope of services covers a wide range of massages and beauty treatments for face, body, feet and hands. These services can be offered to you in the form:
prizes and awards for employees
loyalty programs for staff
unique gifts for business partners
fitness packages for staff (eg, anti-stress, exhaustion, disease of the spine)
business meetings
integration meetings
original and creative use of the Social Fund

ORIENTAL MASSAGE ELEFANT passes and SPA business may include:
a specific treatment or treatments
a specific quota limit
individually designed package
• at the request will post on them the name and logo of your company, we can also customize for your individual project.

In co-operation is also possible to sign long-term contract.

Our studio is open 7 days a week from 12.00 to 22.00. In special cases, we may set different hours convenient for the customer. You can also book the whole studio exclusively for the Customer. In special cases, we may consider the session exit outside the resort, such as the integration meeting held outside of our living room.
We cordially invite you to heat and cooperation!