Indonesian (Balinese) Aromatherapy Massage

Typically, relaxation and therapeutic massage with elements of acupressure and the use of natural essential oils. Blend of essential oils can be composed directly before the procedure, depending on your needs will be, so that treatment can have soothing properties, stimulating, improving mood and relaxing. A lot of attention during the treatment is given to massage the head, face and feet. Aromatherapy is one of the oldest methods of natural medicine. Its origin dates back to ancient Egypt, Arab and Indian. Aromatherapy works best in combination with massage. Asian massage aromatherapy items include Ayurvedic and Chinese traditional medicine.

Massage improves the immune system and nervous system, stimulates blood circulation and lymph system. Fragrance oils plant a great influence on the psyche of providing deep relaxation and restoring harmony to the physical and mental body. Aromatherapy massage treats the patient as an integral whole and aims to improve the overall health of the body by restoring its balance and stimulate the natural immune defenses.