Indonesian (Balinese), hot stone massage

It combines elements of acupressure, drainage and thermotherapy. Massage uses heated basalt stones. Hot volcanic rocks in contact with the body give your valuable energy, restoring a normal flow in the main energy channels and chakras of the body. Hot stone massage is not only the position of stones on the body, which is why ELEFANT MASSAGE AND SPA body is massaged throughout the duration of the massage. Sliding smoothly over the skin causes a feeling of pleasant stones otulającego body heat. This massage helps the skin breathe and improves nutrition of the skin, accelerates blood circulation and lymph vessels in the skin, improves its elasticity and firmness, helps to combat cellulite, improves blood and lymphatic systems, improves the condition of the muscles, their relaxation, regeneration and the ability to work. Calming and relaxing, relieves stress, introduces harmony, balance and peace.
Hot stone massage especially recommend the cold and rainy days to feel better and warm up the body.