Reflexology, foot massage


Foot reflexology is a natural method of healing the body, which consists of uciskaniu specific zones on the feet. Reflexologist, precisely defined points of compressing the foot, provides a therapeutic stimulus to start the self-regulatory mechanisms.

Art Therapy reflektorycznego not be confused with classic massage of the feet and body, because it is a special technique of precise point depressors reflektorycznych feet, which was based on the assumption that these points correspond to specific parts of the human body. Such stimulation of the health potential causes physiological changes in the body, so the foot can play an important role in achieving and maintaining better health.
Massage legs and feet includes Massage the soles, dorsum of the foot, toes, ankles, calves, knees area.

Who can help foot reflexology?

Use it provides beneficial effects for all people, regardless of gender and age. Reflektoryczna therapy may not cause harmful side effects. Although special care should retain a person suffering from thrombosis (massage since he can move the clot) and diabetes, especially if you take insulin injections (we can activate the pancreas, which is indeed a positive effect of therapy, leading to reduce the amount of insulin administered to the patient). Sometimes, to balance the body’s vital functions only with a few therapy sessions during the year, in more serious and chronic conditions – several surgical series. Very good results are achieved in the treatment of children who are naturally relaxed and vulnerable – their bodies are more susceptible to stimulation.
In the case of a ‘hit’ by a masseur at a point corresponding to a sick body you may feel pain.

Benefits of reflexology:

  • reduction of stress, insomnia and tension psycho, calling the state of deep relaxation
  • remove the feeling of “heavy legs”
  • improve the functioning of the nervous system
  • improved blood circulation
  • pain relief
  • increasing the level of oxygen in the tissues
  • support the detoxification of toxins
  • improve digestion
  • working to improve the hormonal system.

Reflexology is not a “one treatment technique.” Reduction of most problems requires time and patience.