Balinese massage with herbal stamps

Balinese massage with hot herbal uses the original herbs and spices from Thailand, shredded and placed in cotton bags:

  • ginger – one of the most important spices in Indonesia and other countries in the region; warms, relaxes muscle tension, digestive aid, analgesic, increases concentration, is an aphrodisiac
  • Cinnamomum camphor – works generally stimulating, warming, antiseptic, helpful with colds, low blood pressure, muscle pains, reduces tension, helps to relieve depression
  • lemon grass – calming, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, helpful in states of depression, also used in aromatherapy
  • kaffir lime – fruit and leaves in Thailand, traditionally used as spices, refreshes and relaxes, antiseptic
  • eucalyptus leaf – gently work stimulating, analgesic, antiseptic, helpful with colds, fatigue (physical and mental)
  • turmeric – a strong anti-bacterial. Turmeric root extract has anti-depressant properties. It helps in catarrh of the stomach and other digestive accidents,
  • galangal – used as a tonic for stomach pains and loss of appetite. It has antibacterial properties
  • gujava – used as an adjunct in the treatment of gastro-intestinal ailments and respiratory disorders
  • tamarind – is used in the gastric and gall bladder dysfunction. Purifies the blood.

Stamps are heated to release the herbs contained in the essential oils and then massage the body with them. As we become more and cooler growing intensity of massage. During the massage are released and absorbed in the heated skin contained the active substances in plants and essential oils saturate the air with his scent strengthens the effect of relaxation and therapeutic treatment. Herbal massage has a positive effect on the joints and muscles. It also acts as analgesic. Improves blood and lymph circulation, thus stimulating metabolism and removes toxins from the body. Is recommended for people living in constant tension, stressful, fighting cellulite. This treatment is extremely relaxing. Intensely stimulates the senses with airborne odors of essential oils.
It usually takes 30-45 minutes and is recommended after a short break in warm (15 minutes to half an hour). Traditionally it is combined with massage, Thai or Indonesian massage.