Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi Hawaiian is a form of “body work” from the ancient temples of Hawaii. He served purification, strengthening and healing. Lomi Lomi, Hawaiian temple massage is widely known in the U.S., many luxury spas in Western Europe it has long been on offer. The purpose of Lomi Lomi massage is the work of the whole human being. It’s not just relaxation of tension in the muscles, but also the removal of blockages within the human being.

Benefits of Lomi Lomi massage:

On the physical level: it relaxes muscles, stimulates the lymphatic system and blood circulation, improves metabolism and digestion. Increases mobility and flexibility of joints. It improves circulation, affects the whole body rejuvenation. Muscle relaxation frees us from the tensions generated by the stress releasing the free flow of energy. Rejuvenating effect.
At the level of emotional and spiritual: it helps to remove from within the existing fears and concerns. It also helps to free us from aggravating habits. Increases self-acceptance and understanding of the surrounding world. This allows us to look differently at the world around us and finding new ways to solve the problems of everyday life. During the massage often appears in our desire to change circumstances. We find strength and ways to do this.At the level of energy: it improves the flow of energy within our body and stimulates us to action.